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i create the whole universe

blink by blink

23 July 1989
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melissa, - female. hufflepuff. fangirl - connoisseur of literary expression. prone to flail, fond of sci-fi.

This is not the person you are looking for. But just in case, feel free to friend or drop a comment. Most of my entries are public; it's very rare I lock a post. If you're new, you should check out my 125 Things rec list (link to the left), or perhaps my mcshep essay. An ebook version of sheafrotherdon's A Farm In Iowa can be found here.
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McShep: Romance for the romantically inarticulate, spelled out in coffee and coin tosses.[x]

to understand one life, you have to swallow the whole world
- Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children

by prlrocks
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