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24 October 2018 @ 11:54 am
This weekend my mom had another seizure and dislocated her shoulder. This is the second seizure in a month or so, which means her meds probably aren't working. It's been six years, and it's awful to be back in the mode of constant fear that she'll have one and hit her head. I get nervous when she's in the bathroom too long.

It's hard for her too. She's in a sling. She can't clean, she can't bathe herself (well, she can sponge bathe herself, but getting in and out of the tub is a no). So we're picking up the slack, helping her out, and we don't mind but it bothers her.

Work has been stressful on top of all of this, so when I get home I usually end up going to bed early or just disappearing into a book/fic. I'm tired all the time, lol.

BUT, it hasn't been all bad. I finished reading this really awesome book recently, which I'm going to post about when I get home from work~

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23 September 2018 @ 09:42 pm
I made some gifs after so long~

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23 September 2018 @ 01:43 pm
Gmail has been hiding comments from me - marking them as spam, good one - so if I haven't responded to a comment you left, it's probably because I didn't see it. I apologize to everyone!
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18 September 2018 @ 11:04 pm
Good news, guys! There is now an [community profile] sga_secretsanta on DW! I know some of you are wary of livejournal and aren't on tumblr, so you'd have to be following my or [personal profile] squidgiepdx's personal accounts to get any announcements, which isn't fair. Especially if you aren't a McShep shipper.

If you're interested in signing up for the fest - the more the merrier! - then click this link. Squidgie is a magician and created the sign-up page and collection because he is amazing and brimming with talent.
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15 September 2018 @ 12:20 am
I messaged the previous mod of the SGA Secret Santa a long time ago about taking over for them, because I'd hate to see yet another SGA fest close up shop. I've been given control of the community, but I've never actually ran any kind of fest before, so my clueless-ness is boundless.

So: when should I start making posts for sign-ups? Do you think it's too late? I have no idea what I'm doing here. Maybe open up sign-ups now, give people a couple months to write a fic, and then posting period?


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06 September 2018 @ 01:27 am
This lady tweeted David a picture of herself wearing a really awesome SGA hoodie that looks just like his season 1 jacket. And you know what? THEY'RE NOT THAT EXPENSIVE.

I'm going to save up to buy one *____*

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13 August 2018 @ 09:58 pm
I've been in the mood to read something new - McShep new, I mean (I have plenty of unread books in my TBR pile). There are very few long  McShep fics remaining that I haven't read, and the ones I haven't usually have a reason for them going unread (like City of the Seven Walls). But that's not true of them all, so I've been poking at the ones I haven't read yet.

One of them, Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves, looks super good and I want to read it, but I keep feeling like I'm not smart enough. I may have said that before, but I've been considering starting it for a week now, and I keep doubting myself. So I look at the other fics, can't decide if I want an AU or a canon-based fic, and then just give up and watch stuff. Because I haven't found a McShep fic that satisfies my needs, I've been reading in other fandoms. I've been reading a lot of Les Miserables fic, which is really good, but kind of started to feel same-y after a while in terms of plot (lots of fake boyfriends and school AU's).

I think I just need to make a damn decision and stick with it. I get in this cycle of indecision and can't break free of it until I get super frustrated with myself.

That's really all the interesting stuff going on in my life *shrugs*

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17 July 2018 @ 02:29 am
I finished campaign 1 of Critical Role last night. It's taken me a year, but I got to the end. For those who don't know, Critical Role is - in the words of Matt Mercer - "a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons." There are 115 episodes, and the length of each episode ranges from 2 hours to 5 hours. It has canon bisexual characters, agender characters, dragons, Gods, sad moments, hilarious moments...

I feel like I should commemorate the time I spent with these characters, this show, even if nobody else cares. I've never cried so hard at a final episode as I did the one last night. I cried so hard I started to get dizzy and had to drink some water, and gave myself a migraine. But it's been a worthy, wild ride.

I'm going to take a bit before I start campaign 2. Saying goodbye is hard.


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08 July 2018 @ 10:58 pm
I read this post on tumblr about this website called 4thewords.com. You basically play a game where the "battle" is writing - you fight a monster, say, that requires you to write 300 words in 45 minutes. If you manage that, you defeat the monster, who will drop items you can use for crafting, or money you can use to buy armor upgrades or whatever. There are quests - right now I'm working on winning my avatar a rainbow pride shirt. To do that, I have to defeat a 5 of a certain type of monster by July 15th.

Anyway, you get a 30 day free trial to see if you like it, and then you can pay $4 a month. So far I've written 3 days in a row, about 2k. After writing nothing for MONTHS, I'm super proud of myself. And you get prizes for maintaining your writing streak :D Of course, because of the timed challenges, I'm producing more quantity over quality. I talked with [personal profile] selenic76  and [personal profile] melagan  this morning and have realized just how much work my werewolf AU is going to be. My first draft is going to be utter shit, to be honest. I'm not used to writing longer, slow burn stuff, so there are going to be pacing issues, plot issues, etc. But I'm excited. It'll be quite the learning opportunity, and I do think my werewolf idea is a good one.

If you decide to join, my referral code is GEOJT30185.

My birthday is coming up - July 23rd. I turn 29. I'm already at the point where I have to do math to figure out how old I am, lolll. But at least I got my birthday off!

I've been struggling to figure out what to read lately, though not for lack of choice. I've been toying with the idea of rereading A Clear and Different Light, which I've only read once. Before that, I read The Pegasus Device, which is a McShep noir detective AU written in first person, and before that [personal profile] sgamadison's wonderful A Civil Contract.

I'm thinking of hosting another SGA Author Appreciation Week on tumblr, where you pick an author and recommend your top 5 fics by them. It was a decent success the last time I ran it, and I'd love to do something relatively easy, but also...IDK, bringing the community together, or something. A shared activity. I just have to pick a week, decide how soon in advance I want to announce it, etc.

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14 June 2018 @ 02:22 am
I recently discovered an easy way to transfer your google doc stuff to ao3. Copying and pasting never seems to work, as the code gets all messed up, and I have to go in and manually separate the paragraphs. I can't imagine how much that would suck if I wrote really long fic.
  1. After you've finished writing your fic in google documents, click "Add-ons > Get Add-ons".
  2. Type in "html", without quotations.
  3. You should see something that's called GD2md-html. Click +FREE
  4. Mine asked me to choose an account to associate this add-on with, so just select whatever email works best for you.
  5. Click "Add-ons > GD2md-html > Convert."
  6. A little side window pops up. Hit the blue HTML button. It'll say "Converting" and something like, "Your output will appear here."
  7. Copy and paste the output into ao3. I recommend hitting "preview" to make sure everything looks good to you, because I am paranoid and have social anxiety, so looking like an idiot in front of people terrifies me.
  8. Post.
  9. ???
  10. Profit.
I've used it twice now and both times its worked well for me. But I also write really short stuff, so *shrug*
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