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Since I hardly ever update, here's an Everything Update:

Thank you, everyone, for the happy birthday wishes ♥ It means a lot to me! It's been an interesting birthday. I didn't remember until the week previous that my birthday was so close, and then Saturday they rushed my great-grandmother to the hospital, and she's still there. She's 96 and has penumonia. What more can be said?

But I'm remaining positive! I relaxed and had pizza for dinner. I'm going to try and squirrel away some money each check for a Nintendo Switch. My dog had surgery but she's doing well. We're trying to keep her from jumping on/off the furnture due to both the surgery and the arthritis in her paw, but she's stubborn. My work schedule is changing soon to something that's not as good, lol. I'll have Mondays and Wednesdays off, I think.

I've been super into Good Omens for the last couple weeks. I highly recommend it guys, Aziraphale and Crowley are INCREDIBLY shippable and the show is funny and uplifting for being about the apocalypse. There have been a good many posts on tumblr that I loved, though I have mixed feelings toward the fanfiction. I've enjoyed everything I've read, but nothing has turned me upside down, so to speak.

However, both actors have said, "Oh yeah, they love each other." Michael Sheen is retweeting fanart and has confessed he played Aziraphale as though he were in love with Crowley and was inspired by fanfiction he read. LOOK AT THIS. AND THIS. ALSO THIS. Lol.

Okay actually, I'm sorry, here are just a bunch of GO posts, click or don't (x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x). This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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Three Subjects Meme

Snagged from [personal profile] squidgiepdx

How does it work : reply here and I'll give you 3 subjects I don't think you know or care much about. Then you talk about those subjects in your journal. It's interesting to see who knows what about what.

Squidgie gave me:

Bedding. I'm not too picky about my bedding - comes from being poor. I imagine like all things there's very fancy bedding - maybe with high thread counts, like sheets? IDK. But I like my room to be cold while I sleep, so I can be buried under lots of blankets. When I say lots of blankets, I mean lots: it isn't unheard of for me to have 5 or 7 blankets on my bed during the winter, when everyone else has only 3. I like to be cozy :) I've thought about getting weighted blankets, because part of it is I like that feeling of being weighed down a little.

Fire. I like fireplaces and camp fires and things. It's soothing to watch the flames and feel the heat. Though with camp fires comes mosquitos, and they REALLY love me. My great aunt was in a fire and has a burn on her neck, so growing up my dad was always afraid of fire.

Silence. I can't sleep in a room that's dead quiet - I have to have a fan or some other white noise. I'm not good with silence between myself and another person unless I'm comfortable with them. Otherwise my brain is going, "Say something! It's silent, think of a topic to discuss, this is so awkward." But I'm an introvert and value my alone time, so as long as I'm not trying to sleep, I can enjoy it. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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June Something, Days 2 & 3

Day Two: If you were able to insert yourself into one fandom as your reality, what would it be? Bonus: How different would you be in that reality?
I'm going to go with Schitt's Creek. A place where homophobia doesn't exit, and it lacks the mortal danger of most of my other fandoms. Plus, it's a small town. You don't really need specialized training to be there, unlike Atlantis. I'm not one of those people who have big dreams for their life, who wants to do important stuff. I just want to be happy.

Day Three: What character do you think you would end up being best friends with? Bonus: What other character would you and your new bestie give a hard time to?
Chuck. Chucknician. AR-1 (and the rest of the senior staff) are a close-knit bunch and I don't think I could really form a deep relationship with any of them. But Chuck exists in the background, the periphery, and that's where I like to be. I don't like attention lol. Plus he seems to have a good sense of humor, and I would love to be "in the know" of all the betting pools he fanonly runs. It'd be fun to know the rumors without being subject to them.

I'm much to empathetic to give anyone a hard time, but I like to playfully tease friends.

I was going to do the next two, but they require some thinking before I post.

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The June Something - Day 1

Starged by the incomparable [personal profile] squidgiepdx, explained in full here. There are only 15 questions, so I'm going to try and answer every other day to spread it out. Though maybe I'll get super excited and post every day, I don't know lol.

Day One: We all have that ONE fandom, or OTP. But what would you consider your backup fandom? Bonus: Who is your backup OTP? Same fandom or different?

Nobody will be surprised to read my one fandom is Stargate Atlantis, and that my one pairing is John Sheppard/Rodney McKay.

But backup fandoms/OTPs is a much more difficult question. I tend to cycle through secondary fandoms as the mood strikes. 90% of the time I'm reading McShep, it's only a very small portion of time I read other things. So. Backup fandom. I went to my pinboard and I opened my various fandom tags, then picked the two with the highest number. I have 470 fics bookmarked for H50 and 282 fics for Star Trek. I haven't actually read new H50 fic in ages - the majority are old bookmarks.

So: my backup fandom is Star Trek, Spirk specifically. I love TOS Kirk and Spock's friendship and support. But I also love nu!Kirk and Spock's more adversarial relationship, and how things might grow from there.  And now I want to read some of that fic LOL. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Game of Thrones fic. I fully expect to climb back out of said hole - sometimes I take brief detours into other fandoms, but I always end up missing John & Rodney fiercely. I've already started to miss them, lol.

So my [community profile] mcsheppers posts will once again be posted every day. Sorry for the slack, guys~ This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.