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14 February 2019 @ 03:23 am
Happy birthday [personal profile] wanted_a_pony! Your support and enthusiasm for McShep never fails to make me smile. I hope you have a FABULOUS day :D
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07 February 2019 @ 08:44 pm
[personal profile] esteefee was generous and got me the Perfect Patio pack, which came with a hot tub. The deal was that I'd provide screenshots of Rodney using it. Sim!John joined Rodney without prompting, which lead to some very cute pics.

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06 February 2019 @ 11:47 pm
Not too long ago, a friend on tumblr started posting about their adventures in The Sims 3, where they've created John & Rodney characters and are creating a storyline where they fall in love. You can read the posts here, they're adorable and fun.

Around the same time, my friend introduced me to this darkly hilarious Sims 4 youtube series. It starts off following a different character, then switches to one named Jim Pickens. He wants to romance the Grim Reaper, and takes to killing sims to get Grim to visit. And then he starts a cult. Dark subjects, I know, but the nature of Sims makes it absurd.

The final nail in the coffee is that Sims 4 is on sale 75% off, bringing it down to $10.

I bought the game. I can't stop playing the game now.

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18 January 2019 @ 02:27 am
Happy birthday, velocitygrass! At least, according to LJ it is. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, full of only happiness and good times.

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15 January 2019 @ 02:21 am

(beautiful banner created by the talented [personal profile] seleneheart !)

Love movie fusions? Have we got a challenge for you :D

[community profile] atlantisfilmfestival is a challenge that runs from March to June, which puts it between [community profile] romancingmcshep / [community profile] sga_saturday 's Romancing SGA and the [community profile] sgareversebang. All types of fanworks are welcome, featuring all ships - or no ships, if gen is where your heart lives. The minimum word count is 1,000 words.

We are currently open for prompts! Have a movie you've always wanted to read play out with SGA characters? Or looking for something to write? Leave a prompt or check out the suggestions.
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29 December 2018 @ 02:49 am
Hello, my name is Melissa and I have a podcast problem. The list of podcasts I'm in the middle of is large, but my list of ones to listen to is even larger. And itunes keeps deleting the podcasts I haven't started (I tend to download the first episode of interesting ones for later listening). So I'm putting my list here on dreamwidth. Feel free to ignore - this is mostly just for me, and it's going to be HUGE.

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12 December 2018 @ 04:16 am

I updated my werewolf au.

It wouldn’t be anywhere near as coherent without the wonderful [personal profile] respoftw looking it over AND talking me down from the ledge (AGAIN). Seriously, guys. She puts up with so much.

I've got the next 'stage' of the fic planned. Hopefully I can do it justice re: Rodney's emotional growth and attachment to John & the pack.
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29 November 2018 @ 10:36 pm
It turns on, it'll go for longer than 5 minutes before dying. We have heat (thank god, because the next three days are in the 30s).

I can't put into words how less stressed I am with that taken care of. God.

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23 November 2018 @ 01:44 am
As you know, a week ago I was in the hospital for having a seizure. I was released on Saturday, and on Sunday I returned to work.

On Monday, I walked out of work to find our car wouldn't start. My dad figured it was the battery, so I went back inside and bought one for $100. Meanwhile, our family friend, Junior, came out to give us a jump. We were going to follow Junior to his house and switch the old battery for the new one, but we never made it. The lights in the car grew dim, as did our head & tail lights, so we pulled into a 7-11 and switched the batteries out there. Our car turned on, though the clock, radio, and our heater wouldn't work. As we pulled into our parking space at home, the headlights visibly dimmed and flickered.

We were just trying to hold on until I get my next check.

Then, today. We're on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner with my sister-in-law and her family. At one point, our speedometer  went to 0, even though we were still moving. And then the car died, completely, right there in the road, five minutes from home. Thank god we were on a back road. My sister-in-law and her family came out and gave us another jump, and we made it another 3 minutes before the car died again. We abandoned it at the side of the road.

I got a ride to/from work today, and my sister-in-law's brother towed the car to the front of our trailer. Then he pushed it into our parking spot, with me steering. And now it's in front of our trailer, but it's making this weird, non-stop groaning/screeching noise. The car is off and in park.

I don't know what to do. Dad thinks it's the alternator. Others have suggested the starter, and maybe there's a short (and that's why the radio/clock/heater won't work). If I take my $300 bonus next check and the $300 I was going to use to take the dog to the vet, I can scrape together $600. Do we take it in and hope it IS the alternator and they can fix it? Or should we just try to buy a new car, which might come with a new set of problems?

And even if we DO decide to take it in, how do we get it to the auto shop? It's illegal to tow it yourself. We could do it to save some money and hope no police catch us, or we could have it towed by a towing service and take on another large bill.

I am so stressed and just so fucking DONE. That's it. I want to stop existing now, please.

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11 November 2018 @ 11:09 pm
So, I don't know if any of you are aware, but Joe lost his house in the California fires. He's been posting a lot on his instagram.

I am so sad for him, even though I know he's in a better position than most to rebuild and continue on. Still, he lost things of sentimental value no doubt.

But? I am so fucking proud of him. He was stopped by a reporter for a local news station and interviewed. He was bringing water and supplies to help out his neighbors. What a good fucking man.

Tweet / Tweet / Tweet / David's reaction tweet
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