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Oh, tumblr. You really get me going sometimes.


I know last time people told me to leave the trolls alone. But when it comes to SGA, when it comes to my ship, I can't. I am protective of my OTP and if people want to question it, then let them. I have no problems going on and on and on about them. Just ask my online friends - you cannot get me to stop talking about McShep. So I say bring it on - let me tell you my feels for McShep. let me make you regret opening that can of worms

Because when they’re together, they can let their geeky 12 year old selves out. By the third episode, Hide and Seek, they’re already playing together. They race cars and debate super heroes. They can bicker and be sarcastic and it’s never taken seriously by the other. If you look at them honestly, both men are assholes, and everyone else is too nice to deal with that side of them. Because they fit together - they work well together, they play well together.

When Jeannie and Rodney weren’t getting along in McKay & Mrs Miller, it was John that showed Jeannie the goodbye tape Rodney made in season one. Rodney said he’d go with John to his father’s funeral if he could - they have each other’s backs. Because John couldn’t let Rodney kill himself, wouldn’t let him say goodbye when Rodney was slowly losing his mind to Second Childhood. And on the opposite side, Rodney gave up his entire life to bring John home in one timeline, and when he was sick with Second Childhood, all he yelled for was John. And you know what? John came every time. He was always there.

They annoy each other, yes, but they also accept each other as they are. When they were kicked off Atlantis, they stayed in contact. When Rodney died in John’s dreams in Doppelganger, John was devastated. When John was being fed on by the wraith, Rodney was worried and terrified.

I get not shipping it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea for whatever reason. You don’t like their chemistry, or you like their chemistry with someone else.

But to deny they have a friendship, a connection - that I don’t get. We see they’re friends. We see they care.

If you question why two people who are friends are shipped together, then you question more than just McShep, but every ship built on the foundation of friendship.

John and Rodney were friends. They watched whales together. Their dynamic was fascinating and fun.

And it was good.

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