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First look at Meta Sci-Fi

Martin Firrell has posted a first look at his meta sci-fi series. I am so excited.



Ben Browder: "You know what, I was talking to Nathan Fillion. Ohh." [laughs]


Claudia Black: "What we choose to control is what we fear the most. So we really have a need, an obligation, to investigation everything of which we are afraid."


Joe Flanigan: "I think it helps to embrace these iconic figures and these mythologies and apply them to your life. Because your life is as heroic as anybody's. I mean, they're your fights, your struggles."

David Hewlett

David Hewlett: "Like a nerd messiah. Rodney is the patron saint of nerds. Yes."


Nathan FillIon: "This January it will be 10 years. It'll be a decade."

torri higginson

Torri Higginson: "Ideally we won't have to discuss this stuff in the future. But then what will be evolving to? What is our point of being here? In my mind, you gotta be here and learn stuff."

...and many more :P

Note: These do not appear in the order in which they show up in the clip. Also, I tried taking screencaps of a few others, but they move around too much - the screencaps came out blurry.
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