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How to make a gif & add text a resource post

Feel free to ignore, I just wanted a text-based tutorial on how to add text to a gif. This is mostly a transcript from this youtube video.

Using GIMP:

How to make a gif in gimp, using a video file (since using only pictures to make a gif always makes the gif movement really choppy, I use a video file)

Once you finish that:
  1. Open the completed gif.
  2. Make all the layers invisible except the last one (aka the background layer)
  3. Add the text.
  4. "How to add a border to your text"
  5. Makes copies of the text and put them in between the layers. Make them invisible.
  6. Make only the background and first text layer visible
  7. Now go to "image" and click "merge visible layers"
  8. Once those two layers are merged, make that one invisible and the next two visible, then merge those. Repeat the process until all text layers have been merged with a gif layer.
  9. Watch playback to make sure everything is right. (Filters > animation > playback)
  10. Save the gif.

And now I can bookmark this XD

N/A - No longer using GIMP

How to place text on different parts of a gif on photoshop

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