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125 Loved Fanfics .19

125 Things: A Blogging Challenge
Day 19

But Never The Nights by lavvyan [Canon, 67906 words]
When Rodney is culled, John suddenly has to deal with the loss of his best friend. As for Rodney, things get downhill from there. Set somewhere after The Hive, spoilers up to that episode.

Wanted by toomuchplor [Canon, 8708 words]
“Wait,” Rodney says, snapping his fingers and blinking. “You were looking at porn, right? I totally caught you looking at porn!”

Intentions by cathalin [Canon, Tracker episode tag, 3468 words]
Ronon knows some truths.

We Cannot Live Within by trakkie [Canon, 9405 words]
John grinned. "So McKay's attractive to everyone?"

Impossibilium by canadian_snoopy [Canon, 14391 words]
Atlantis had gotten John used to doing three impossible things before breakfast; so really, this shouldn't have been nearly as big a surprise as it was.

/day 19
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