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125 Loved Fanfics .17

125 Things: A Blogging Challenge
Day 17

¤ The Least Of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrock [Canon, 81968 words]
[BBC Sherlock, genderswitch, Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes]
If ever a people deserved tasering, it’s Holmeses.

¤ Fundamentals of Shipwreck Prevention by candle_beck [Canon, 9666 words]
John Sheppard falls head over heels, but literally this time.

¤ Abstain by resonant [Canon, 5921 words]
Aliens force John and Rodney to not have sex!

¤ The Fundamentals by lillyjk [Canon, 9878 words]
Plot bunny gakked entirely from inthekeyofd, who wanted John giving Rodney a massage and the straddling of the table. Basically, Rodney wants John, a lot.

¤ Strangers On A Six Train by eye_queue [AU, 15060 words]
Rodney's a professor at NYU and meets John on the subway during a claustrophobic freak-out.

/day 17

LJ went down just as I was finishing this post up D:
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