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125 Loved Fanfics .15

125 Things: A Blogging Challenge
Day 15

Kid A by cesperanza [Canon, 7993 words]
"I'm not gay, Rodney," John says, and it's awkward to have to say it, but it really has to be said.

The Uncertainty Principle by vylit [Canon, 2289 words]
It was recognition, like the moment he touched his first jet or the first time he strapped himself into a Black Hawk, so he packed a bag, making sure that he had plenty of loose leaf paper, wrote his father a letter that he addressed to General Robert Sheppard, and spent his last few hours on earth in the air.

Overture by maverick4oz [Canon, 3556 words]
Sonata de Rodney.

American Way by resonant [Canon, 18203 words]
[Due South, RayK/Fraser]
“You know what?” Ray’s eyes were already glazing over. “Instead of making me a jewelry expert, wouldn’t it be quicker to make you an American?”

Personal Hero by mrshamill [Canon, 7891 words]
"A core of steel covered by a mountain of bitter marshmallow -- that's our Rodney."

/day 15
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