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>_> I want...

...to read some seme!Sanji, uke!Zoro. There isn't enough of it in the OP fandom. And I've been told, "If you'd like to see more of something, give it a try yourself!" But I hate my writing, and I can't write pr0n very well. And the point of me wanting to read it is to enjoy it, and I don't enjoy what I write.

I'm gonna start searching for some tonight! I know there's fics like that out there, I've read them, I just don't remember who wrote them. Or what they're called. >.<

*Rolls up her sleeves* If you don't hear from me in a week...don't let The Search get you, too! ONLY I SHOULD BE SACRIFICED. *Strikes a noble pose*

Tags: fanfiction, one piece
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