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125 Loved Fanfics .08

125 Things: A Blogging Challenge
Day 08

Water, Sweat, Scotch by liketheriverrun [Canon, Inquisition episode tag, ~18400 words]
Trapped on a desert planet with minimal supplies, John and Rodney must try to survive and hope that Atlantis will come for them.

Running Mate by lamardeuse [Canon, 1924 words]
John introduces Rodney to a new sport, and Rodney introduces John to something else.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by amireal [Canon, 7505 words]
Sheppard and McKay in a cave. Penguins optional.

Zen and the Art of Jumper Maintenance by indybaggins [Canon, Epiphany episode tag, 40119]
The one where Rodney gets sucked in and John… follows. Featuring a quirky John, Rodney in orange robes, crazy Ancient-worship, sheep milking and jumpers that aren't broken but need to be fixed anyway.

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym [Canon, 19886 words]
[Hawaii Five-0] If it ain't broke, fix it anyway.

/day 08
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