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125 Loved Fanfics .06

125 Things: A Blogging Challenge
Day 06

Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home) [The DomesticVerse] by gyzym [Canon, 74829 words]
[Inception, Arthur/Eames] People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules.

Second Line by unamaga [Canon, ~1000 words]
When John was nineteen, he fell in with a group of free spirits.

The Difference Engine by sam-storyteller [AR, 20865 words]
Sheppard remembered dying in Afghanistan, but since he was still walking around he didn't pay that memory too much mind.

Tongues of Men and Angels by mad_maudlin [AR, 58523 words]
When SG-4 is ambushed offworld, an injured Major John Sheppard must put his trust in a Tok'ra agent named McKay to survive. But what secrets is McKay keeping about his mission, the planet, and his own motives for helping John?

The Long Journey Home by skoosiepants [AR, ~11000 words]
Star Warrior - working title: Space Snakes Attack! – was an instant money-making favorite in the sci-fi and romance sect.

/day .06
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