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7 Things Meme (part II)

Questions from the amazing squidgiepdx

1) In fanfiction, what is one item/type/style that writers do that grates on your nerves?
Oh, dear. I'm pretty easy going with my fanfiction - there's not really a lot that annoys me until I won't read. I won't read incest, for example, though I'm not sure that's quite what you're going for. Some fics that jump between the past and the present are difficult for me to get through.

 2) What's the one thing about your time in high school that you wish you could go back and change?
I wish I could fix the number of times we moved. I went to four different high school's in ninth grade, the last of which I stayed in until I graduated. Teenager years are difficult enough without having to make new friends every couple of months. My parents tried their best, I know they did, but it's probably the least happiest time of my life. Thank god for fandom, which stayed where it was even while I moved locations :)

 3) iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet - and why?
Kindle. Nowadays the three have pretty similar capabilities, depending on which version of them you have. I have a very plain Kindle, I suppose you could say - I can access the internet, but only to buy new books. I didn't want something to play games on or surf the web with, because I already have my laptop for that. I simply wanted something to read fanfiction on while I travel ;) I adore my Kindle, and I think it says how much I wanted one that when I had the money to buy something (poor student that I am), I chose a Kindle over the other two electronics.

 4) What one cancelled show (besides, SGA - naturally) would you bring  back?
DAMN :P You denied me my first choice :D The obvious, geek choice would be Firefly wouldn't it? And I would love to see it come back. I'm going to go with Dead Like Me. The show had a fascinating premise and two very good seasons (and one crappy movie). Not a show I was ever interested in the fandom for, but something I enjoyed watching. THIS QUESTION WAS SO DIFFICULT ;___________;

 5) What person, from all of history, would you like to spend the evening together, sharing a meal and just shooting the breeze?
Hmm. It's not so much the person I'm interested in as the place, but I'd love to sit with the curator of the Library of Alexandria. Like I said, that's more for the library itself then the person. I'd like to talk with Agatha Christie, I think - her books sustained me through my teenage years, and I'd love to know the mind behind the clever plots and fascinating characters.

 6) What foreign country would you live in for a year?
Canada :P It's culture is similar to mine, so I won't be absolutely lost while living there. And ever since I found myself interested in sci-fi, it seems like all my favorite actors come from there. I have a few friends from there as well, so I'd have local help. I'm very shy, so it'd help to have an established support network.

 7) One website, besides fandom ones (LJ, DW, Tumblr) do you have to visit daily?
Ooo. I supposed delicious is out too, since I primarily use that for fandom. Twitter, most likely - it's the social media platform I use most often to talk with friends and rant. My twitter is me, mostly unfiltered. (Scary thought!)

Sending a rather awed "Welcome to my livejournal!" to runpunkrun and esteefee, both of whom I have long admired from a distance like a nervous schoolgirl.
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