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7 things meme

This time my questions come from the wonderful sgamadison

Have you met any of your fandom friends in RL after having met them in fandom *first*?
Actually...yes! Back when I was in the Harry Potter fandom, I posted a question to a forum and my friend Sarah (preosmo) responded. We started talking and we've been friends since - 7 years (or so). I've visited her twice now, and had a great deal of fun both times. I have plans to meet ru_salki99 and ember_firedrake at Dragon*Con this year too :D

If you could go back to one era in time, when would it be, and would you stay there?
I'd want to visit the 1920's and go to a speakeasy. It's probably not as fun/fascinating as it sounds - or as the movies make it seem - but the very idea of it just seems so interesting. I probably wouldn't stay - women were restricted so much back then, and I would miss so much of the now - but for a visit, I would totally go. Either that, or I'd want to visit Ancient Greece - because that would be amazing as well.

If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be and why?
Not my sight. I need it to read ;) Probably my hearing - I enjoy food far too much to give up taste, and giving up touch - well. There's a condition called Congenital Analgesia where a person can't feel pain. It's not quite the same thing, but imagine how careful you'll have to be for your entire life - you could be seriously injured and never know.

If you could be any female character in any fandom, who would it be and why?
Kate Beckett. She's got style - I love some of her outfits. She's intelligent and brave and loves to read. She has sense of humor, a surety about herself and where she is in her life that I envy. I wouldn't want the problems that come with having a mother that was murdered by some secretive, powerful person/organization, but. I basically wish I had her everything :P

Best sci-fi show ever?
Stargate :P I just love everything about it. I'm very character driven and I'm fond of most of the characters, their relationships and the Team feeling. The premise for the show(s) allows for so many fascinating possibilities. This is a show where body switching is canon, where visiting alternate realities has happened, where the characters have traveled forward and backward in time. It's fun, it's kind of campy. It's made me laugh and made me cry, and given me my first true OTP. It's also introduced me to some of the best people I know.

Do you have a 'type' when it comes to personal appearance and attraction? (Pictorial evidence is greatly appreciated!)
I used to think I did :) I used to have a thing for lean/skinny men, reminiscent of Joe Flanigan.

Look at that sexy man ;)

But that was before I watched Rising, where I was hit upside the head with the urge to curl up against a warm & snuggly looking David Hewlett.
It was a very new thing for me to suddenly have intense feelings for someone so outside anyone I had liked before. I wanted to press my face against David's belly and just breathe him in.

Sleepy belly!

My attraction to David really only grew from there, to admiration for his nose and his crooked mouth and his thighs and his arms.

I had to babysit my cousin's kids a couple summers ago and watched a lot of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

I found myself admiring David DeLuise.

Not in the "intense schoolgirl crush" version I had on David Hewlett, but David DeLuise was cute and I wanted to hug him. So I suppose my type is balding, sandy-haired men who have a bit of a belly? Not that I don't enjoy other men, like James McAvoy or Misha Collins. IDK what was the question? The pictures distracted me.

Dammit David, look what you've done!

He's completely unrepentant .____.

What's the one question you're *glad* you didn't get asked? :-)
Oh lord. Um, anything about "favorites", to be honest. I can't name a favorite song or a favorite piece of fanfiction or author. It's like choosing a favorite star from the sky - utterly impossible. I was asked recently what my favorite fic was, and I think I named at least 5. Also anything about my opinion on religion or certain politics, since I dislike talking about those topics - they never lead anywhere good.

*pictures found through google, none are mine

And that's it!
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