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Day 07 of squidgiepdx's 7 Days of Fandom Squee

Sorry I'm so late with this; I haven't been home for the past few days.

Day 07: List three fics that changed how you felt about a character.

1. Of Duty, Atonement, and Redemption by sgcgategirl - Gen. This is one of those post-Trinity fics, and it comes with what you'd expect it to: lots of Rodney!whump and John and Elizabeth acting like asses for the better part of the fic. (Sometimes I just want to read about my favorite character being whumped - and the people who caused it feeling regret). This fic changed how I thought of Lorne, because when John and Elizabeth were too angry to notice how their actions were affecting Rodney, Lorne saw. Lorne saw, and he tried to befriend Rodney and alleviate some of the isolation and hurt that Rodney was feeling. Rodney was constantly pushing him away, but Lorne continued to try, and it was this fic that really set me on the road of feeling much love for Lorne.

2. Kaleb Miller and the Green Knight by saffronhouse - McShep. There are fics about Jeannie. They may be about Rodney (and John, or the entire team) visiting Canada for vacation. There are fics told from her point of view. This was the first I'd ever read that was told about Kaleb - from his point of view, even. This fic made him seem like a real person, made him 3D and real. He's amazing.

3. I can't think of a third. SORRY. I'll keep thinking about it, and maybe  a month from now I'll come up with something - and then post about it.
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