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Posted my first SGA fic over at mcshep_love  today. I'm ridiculously nervous, because I hate my writing and I wrote the drabble in one sitting without really looking for errors D8

I don't write much here anymore, do I? I've been hanging out on twitter and tumblr. But I still hang out here for fic and friends~

I have to do this job shadowing/interview thing for class, and I'm terrible around people I don't know. I get nervous and trip over my words and sound like an idiot, but I have to do it. So Monday I have to go through this contact book our Career Services office has for people who are willing to let students job shadow them and try to find someone who has an interesting job.

I'm doing a group presentation on Edgar Allan Poe in English. It'll be fun :D He's lived a really grim life (unsurprisingly, I know).

Waiting impatiently for syfybigbang  to begin posting. The date kept getting pushed back, but the fic I've been waiting for is being posted the 19th. Long John/Rodney fic *____________*

Congratulations to Egypt, btw! I'm really glad everything worked out well for them.
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