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I escaped from the Dungeon of Popkin16!

I killed Genuinelie the rat, Lovesnape the goblin, Nonoji the gelatinous cube, Cc Giftart the leprechaun and Sentra04 the nymph.

I looted the Sceptre of Yellowhorde, the Armour of Tardis80, the Crown of Lovelessinma, the Shield of Fanfiction, a Figurine of Keitorin, a Figurine of Usedheartvids, the Dagger of Metalverse Fic, the Wand of Ecphrastic, the Wand of Kala Aira, the Shield of Arcielfreeder, the Amulet of Slytherinstyle3, the Sceptre of Mellorine, the Sword of Skull Joke, the Armour of Serenetwinkle, the Crown of Youkohiei Fan, a Figurine of Sheiji and 46 gold pieces.

Score: 421

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