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You know what I want? I want a fic that has all the characters from all three Stargates. I want Jack and Daniel, Sam and Teal'c, John and Rodney, Teyla and Ronon and Carson and Radek. I want Eli and Matt and Chloe and Rush. I want to see Sam vs. Rush, and Eli being taken under Rodney's professional wing. I want Jack and John to bond, and Rodney to push all the soft science onto Daniel. I want them all on Atlantis, and I want the Destiny and the Deadalus and Apollo to be their ships to fight against the Wraith and Goa'uld. And they send Destiny out on a year-long mission to a research station in another galaxy.

John and Rodney fall in love. Eli gets the girl. And their lives are dangerous and terrifying and so far from perfect, but they all manage to find their happiness anyway, taking it whenever it comes and however it comes.

That's what I want.

I may have found my pseudo-NaNoWriMo idea, y/n?
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