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I'm...a bit of a packrat. Okay, that might be a bit of an understatement - I really have problems letting go. So it's really no surprise that my computer is loaded with manga I've gotten over at the free_manga community, and several doujinshi's I've downloaded from various places. I usually keep the manga until I can buy it, then delete it. Unfortunately, I'm not buying as fast as I'm downloading. So I've signed up for Mediafire, and I'm going to put all my stuff on there until I've bought it. Then I'll delete it from there; seems like a good plan to me. My computer will  have more memory for more important things.

I sort of feel guilty though, like what I'm uploading isn't mine to upload. But this is only temporary! 

Am I just trying to convince myself, now?

I'm writing again, and this time no matter how much I dislike what I've got, I'm not going to delete. I'll edit, but that's it. I've been trying to get my courage up to post something on LJ, no matter what fandom it is, but I can't seem to gather enough courage. All the people here are really nice though (so it's a bit ridiculous to worry), and I was talking to flakedice and she convinced me to go for it. What I want to post is a Christmas fic, so I'll probably wait until it's around that time of year before posting it. I might post something before then (and most likely for a different fandom), but I doubt it. >.> 
Tags: blah, manga, writing
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