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30 Day Fic Meme - Day 07

The hardest part about this meme is finding the fics and then deciding which one to use for which. I keep finding fics I think are gorgeous, and this is making me want to start a random fic rec tag (which I think I will do). But first, fic meme!

Day 07 - A fic with a wonderful kiss

07. 39 Kisses series by Yin-Again (available as a podfic in .mp3 or audiobook)
+ Kiss me 39 times
+ Seventeen to eighteen
+ Twenty-three
+ All the rest have thirty-one
+ C-38
+ One for the team
+ 39+
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Length: 1,000+

Summary: Written for sheafrotherdon's Kissing Meme (which spawned a podfic anthology and a sequel). Haha, look at how many recs for kissing fics I managed to sneak in here (not to mention an awesome podfic to put on ipods to listen to wherever you go).

Bonus kiss:
+ Hard Candy by runpunkrun

Day 08. A fic you plan on reading (old or new)
Day 09. A fic that makes you happy
Day 10. A fic that reminds you of someone
Day 11. A fic that changed your perceptions of the characters
Day 12. A fic with excellent banter
Day 13. A fic you liked when you were younger
Day 14. A fic that breaks your heart
Day 15. A fic you've read more than 5 times
Day 16. A fic people wouldn’t expect you to like
Day 17. A fic that holds a lot of meaning for you
Day 18. A remix fic you like
Day 19. A fic that makes you laugh
Day 20. A fic by one of your favorite authors
Day 21. A fic currently stuck in your head
Day 22. A fic you won't read late at night
Day 23. A favourite short fic (< 300 words)
Day 24. One of the first fanfics you read
Day 25. A fic you wish you'd never read
Day 26. A fic with a great OC
Day 27. A fic that spawned an inside joke
Day 28. A fic with a pairing you never thought you'd read
Day 29. A fic that turns you on
Day 30. A fic with a great ending

oh my god, look at all those links
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