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Comment on this post saying 'BIIMU DA!' if you want to play. I will choose five interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

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Zsadist is actually a character in a vampire series. There is something called the Black Dagger Brotherhood, which is a small group of vampire warriors that fight against the Lessers, who are out to destroy the entire vampire race. Each vampire in the brotherhood has a name that's generally an emotion or characteristic: Phury, Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, etc. Zsadist is one of the more dangerous brothers due to his past, but he turns out to be one of the sweetest.


Okita is a character from Gintama, and though he's not really a main character he's hilarious. His sister was in love with another character, and that character ends up turning her down so he can pursue his sword fighting abilities. Although Okita was pissed that his sister liked Hijikata, he liked that his sister was turned down even less, and generally tries to kill Hijikata in humorous ways XD Like shooting a bazooka at him, and then calmly saying, "I missed," when Hijikata yells at him.

.:one piece:.

Eee, one of my biggest loves! Though I'm not all that active in the fandom, it will always have a special place in my heart. I've made a lot of wonderful friends because of that series, and though I don't read much fanfiction anymore, the manga is as awesome as ever! I spent a year or two in the fandom, and I've made dozens of posts about the series, so anything I say is probably something I've said before.

Everyone should give the series a try. I know the art style isn't to everyone's taste, but you get used to it and it fits the character's perfectly, and the series can make you laugh until you cry. Or cry because your heart was just broken. Back when there was only 400 chapters, I sat down and finished the entire series in less than week, because I couldn't tear myself away.

Really, go read it right now, people!

.:stephen king:.

Stephen King was the first author I actually liked: before I would just read randomly; I would actively seek out his books to read. He never scared me, but the situations and characters he created sucked me in. I read his book The Talisman first, and it was fascinating and heartbreaking and wonderful. I read his entire Dark Tower series, and though I hated the ending I had a bit of a crush on Roland (who I always pictured as a young Clint Eastwood, embarrassingly enough).


Oh, Clamp! I haven't read all that much of their stuff really; I have friends that have read much more. xXxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Gohou Drugs, and the beginning of X/1999. Their artwork is pretty, but their story lines get so depressing and convoluted >.< I still don't understand the ending to TRC, and I don't like the way Watanuki's character from xXxHolic has turned out. But some of the best, most intricate fanfiction I've ever read has come from a Clamp fandom, and I was never really aware of any wank going on (not that I keep up on that).
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