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eight days of happy ii & iii

day two.

★ I discovered my favorite author for Assassin's Creed fics had removed all her fics from The Pit. Since I'm a persistent stalker?  she might have another account somewhere else where she posts fics, I used my google-fu to find her on DA (under the same name she had at The Pit), where she has posted her fics -- and more I haven't read! XDDDD

★ MERLIN SEASON TWO TRAILER. Thanks Essi, for linking me to it! I showed a friend of mine, and she was outraged by the Gwen/Arthur (though she isn't a slash shipper. She just thought it came out of nowhere).

day three.

THE FLAN'S AUTOGRAPH -- I HAS. Sarah got it for me ♥ ♥ ♥ She got to hug him too T_T And she had pictures taken with Jason Momoa, and Paul McGillion & Joe Flanigan (both at once!). I'm going to do my absolute best to go to Dragon*Con next year -- and maybe David Hewlett will be there. *hopes so* I would hug him and never let go -- I loves him.

★ It's always nice to know the cast on your favorite tv show is crazy as hell. I watched this other video of Jason Momoa telling the crowd that he pulled his pants down and mooned David Hewlett, it's the funniest shit ever, seriously.

David: "I didn't know what it was at first!"

★ My parents bought me Supernatural Season Two~ Hopefully that means I'll get around to actually watching it. *slacker me is slacker*

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