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I can haz forgiveness?

So, I'm a terrible person for not responding to birthday wishes from about a month ago. I deserve a good smack upside the head! Please feel free to leave a comment to that effect (it'd probably make me feel better).

I've mostly been reading Stargate Atlantis fanfiction, and I can't seem to get enough -- which means my reading of One Piece fanfiction has gone way down. I'm still making my way through SGA episodes very, very slowly. I'm also trying to watch Supernatural at the same time, and my friend Sarah really wants me to try Heroes, so. It's hard to juggle those three at once >.< But I can't seem to give any of it up, either.

And school has started up. I only go three days a week, and I'm never there for very long (a few hours at the most), so I'm not losing too much internet-timez. Sad that internet is what concerns me most, yes? This is what I get for being immersed in fandom for many, many years.

My friend Sarah is going to Dragon*Con, and she's going to try and get me a Joe Flanigan autograph. How lucky am I to have such an awesome friend? Even if she ends up not getting one, the fact that she'll try is just so cool.

I must go now...I want to work on a fanfic.
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