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Thank you!

I just wanted to give my thanks to my wonderful friends for their happy birthday wishes~

So, thank you sapphirestar_ , for both the happy birthday wishes and for the in-progress fic <3

Thank you, anyjen , for the awesome drabble you sent me -- it made me giggle and picture Haruka-sexy-san naked

Thanks theotherdenise  for your offer a fic -- I still haven't gotten a chance to say yes and give you a prompt, and now it's too late, but I really do appreciate it!

Thank you vulpus_mirus  for your amazing birthday fanart, it's so cute and I won't be able to look at green frosting the same ever again!

Thank you shaolinqueen, devlinnreiko, and mendingausedheart for your birthday wishes -- it made my day that much brighter to read them.

-quick edit- And thanks also to kakairupowns  for her awesome birthday wishes, too!

*hugs everyone*

I didn't really do anything special for my birthday -- nothing will happen until Saturday, when I have a joint birthday party with my friend Sarah, since her birthday is only four days after mine. XD

Again, thank you so much!

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