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New shiny fandom: Stargate Atlantis

I'm still new, but there are SO MANY awesome authors in that fandom. So I've mostly been reading fanfics, and in one of them Rodney says (and I'm paraphrasing), "The reason Carter doesn't like me is because the first time I met her, I told her to leave one of her men behind."

So now I want to read a fanfic where Carter gets to witness Rodney being concerned for his team members especially John and see his total willingness to risk his life to save theirs. I love reading fics where people change and old acquaintances get to see the new side XP

Good luck finding that though. Maybe someday~

And the SGA icons -- so awesome. *has already begun collecting*

One Piece Chapter 550
I read spoilers, so I already knew about Ace's familial connections, but wow. Odacchi certainly seems talented at throwing the fans a curveball out of nowhere, doesn't he? I want to know more about Ace's mother, too. Someone said something about Ace and Luffy no longer being brothers, but cousins, and mentioned Portgas D. Rouge being Garp's daughter? I don't remember if that's a theory or what though.

I really need to continue re-reading that series -- I'm reminded why I found it so awesome and unpredictable the first time around.

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