popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

Worst Day Ever =.=

I've just spent the entire day trying to get my computer back into working order. For quite a while there, I was worried it'd crash! It started out when we'd click on our name. Our desktop background would load up, but the start bar and all the icons wouldn't load. I had to start up my virus scanner using the task manager, which wasn't fun. It kept freezing on me >.< So I finally get the scanner to work, and then that freezes too. So I have to manually shut my computer off again, for like the fifth time.

It was then that I was told that I needed to calm down or I'd have to get off. It was also then that my computer decided to behave. The virus scanner ran, and it turned out I had some virus'. Before it began to work though, my mom called a friend who has a friend (lol) who fixes computers for a living. He arrived and sat down to take a look. After HOURS of doing little odds and ends here and there, he told me the computer will definitely not crash, though it still has a couple of problems. Nothing serious, just things like pop-ups and a lack of sound. I managed to get the sound back though, yay! We didn't even have to pay the guy; he was so nice.

So now I'm exhausted and I only want to relax. Tomorrow, I'm going to wash my brain out with hilarious anime.

anyjen, it seems like your b-day gift is going to end up being a couple days late. I throw myself upon your mercy with a thousand apologies. T_T (Though I totally don't deserve mercy)
Tags: blah, writing
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