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Since I hardly ever update, here's an Everything Update:

Thank you, everyone, for the happy birthday wishes ♥ It means a lot to me! It's been an interesting birthday. I didn't remember until the week previous that my birthday was so close, and then Saturday they rushed my great-grandmother to the hospital, and she's still there. She's 96 and has penumonia. What more can be said?

But I'm remaining positive! I relaxed and had pizza for dinner. I'm going to try and squirrel away some money each check for a Nintendo Switch. My dog had surgery but she's doing well. We're trying to keep her from jumping on/off the furnture due to both the surgery and the arthritis in her paw, but she's stubborn. My work schedule is changing soon to something that's not as good, lol. I'll have Mondays and Wednesdays off, I think.

I've been super into Good Omens for the last couple weeks. I highly recommend it guys, Aziraphale and Crowley are INCREDIBLY shippable and the show is funny and uplifting for being about the apocalypse. There have been a good many posts on tumblr that I loved, though I have mixed feelings toward the fanfiction. I've enjoyed everything I've read, but nothing has turned me upside down, so to speak.

However, both actors have said, "Oh yeah, they love each other." Michael Sheen is retweeting fanart and has confessed he played Aziraphale as though he were in love with Crowley and was inspired by fanfiction he read. LOOK AT THIS. AND THIS. ALSO THIS. Lol.

Okay actually, I'm sorry, here are just a bunch of GO posts, click or don't (x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x)(x)||(x)(x). This entry was originally posted at https://popkin16.dreamwidth.org/246821.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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