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Sorry for the lack of daily McShep. I've been struggling lately with being interested in...anything. I've mostly just been devouring fic, because I haven't felt up to much more than that. I was sick a week ago with a touch fo the flu *sigh*

We hit a deer the other day with our car. We're okay! And the car still runs, but it completely broke the driver's side headlight. We have to replace the whole assembly too and none of the local stores seem to carry what we need, so I'm resorting to looking online. I have to be quick because I work late some nights and we'll get pulled over for not having a working headlight.

I also got my medical bills for my incident back in November, and - if I'm understanding this right - the hospital wants me to pay $10k, and the individual doctors want me to pay about $1300. I didn't have insurance at the time so it has to be paid out of pocket and it's like HAHA STRESS.

Luckily, it looks like I'll be participating in a mini-squee in Cleveland at the end of May. A desperately needed break - some days it feels like I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth. It's making me worry a bit about money - do I have enough PTO for this and for October without shorting myself on bill money, etc.

I'm working on getting the next werewolf au chapter out so I can start working on my fic for the [community profile] atlantisfilmfestival. But as with everything lately, it's been a struggle, and I find myself turning to fic to disappear for a while.

Joe posted to instagram, which inspired [personal profile] brumeier  to write a cute little fic. I keep giggling at how skinny Joe's legs are.

I'm going to post this before I bring myself down any further and go read some McShep fic. And maybe redesign a house for sim!John-and-Rodney. And try to write, lol. I promise to post McShep stuff to [community profile] mcsheppers tonight! This entry was originally posted at https://popkin16.dreamwidth.org/243878.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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