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Sims 4 & Perversion

Not too long ago, a friend on tumblr started posting about their adventures in The Sims 3, where they've created John & Rodney characters and are creating a storyline where they fall in love. You can read the posts here, they're adorable and fun.

Around the same time, my friend introduced me to this darkly hilarious Sims 4 youtube series. It starts off following a different character, then switches to one named Jim Pickens. He wants to romance the Grim Reaper, and takes to killing sims to get Grim to visit. And then he starts a cult. Dark subjects, I know, but the nature of Sims makes it absurd.

The final nail in the coffee is that Sims 4 is on sale 75% off, bringing it down to $10.

I bought the game. I can't stop playing the game now.

This is the first time I've ever played Sims, so it's pretty overwhelming. Someone took the time to make John, Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla sims for free, so I downloaded that, because I couldn't get John's face to look right. Or Rodney's. I've used A TON of cheats - I gave them tons of money, upgraded their skills without putting the effort in, and - at least for Rodney - gave them a career and then fast-foward them through it. Once I'm used to the game, I'm going to start over, have John & Rodney do a slow romance, earn their achievements, etc.

And then. My friend told me about a mod where sims have sex, and it's pretty explicit. I actually downloaded the mod out of curiosity, forgot about it, and then the next night was pretty damn surprised when I went to check on John to see if he needed anything and BEHOLD. They were having sex on Ronon's bed. (Yeah, IDK. The mod also makes the sims wander around randomly naked, or do thumbs up toward two sims while they're having sex. Or, depending on your settings, ask to join).

I have the start of my Romancing McShep fic to finish, so I should probably focus on that. Instead of, you know, making sim!John read ridiculous romance novels.
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