September 5th, 2021

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I've fallen back into the Dresden Files fandom and can't get up.

It's an old fandom for me - I only read the first...what, five books? There are 17 now. To be fair, when I read the first five, there were at least twice that already out. Usually I'll get the random urge to read a fic or two, and then forget the fandom exists for years at a time, rinse and repeat. But two weeks ago I read a fic on a whim, and then another, and another...and then I was scrolling through the very old kink meme, and rereading favorites I'd bookmarked back in 2011. I'm listening to music and daydreaming about my ship, and there is absolutely nobody to chat with lmao.

I'm tempted to start the book series over, but I'm not sure I want to. Perhaps I will once I run out of fic - the fandom is VERY small - out of desperation. This was supposed to be a short visit, I wasn't supposed to settle here sa;kja

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