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15 November 2017 @ 07:03 pm
I've been really struggling to write lately. I want to want to write, if that makes sense. I haven't made progress on anything in ages. I don't like my own writing, but I react with such abnormally strong hatred toward the stuff that I do manage to get out. I have a ton of ideas I'd love to actually write out, but the motivation just isn't there.

For the rewatch, I started off writing a small ficlet for each episode. I managed one for 38 Minutes but haven't posted it anywhere, and I've done nothing for Suspicion. I'd love to work on my harlequin - I have ideas! Romantic, dramatic ideas! As well as my dragon AU. But I'm feeling meh about everything, and just end up reading and writing.

I may end up declaring a semi-hiatus from writing just so I don't feel like I'm letting myself down.