January 12th, 2017

stargate glyphs

Fandom stocking delay

The reveals have been pushed back again, understandably so (though I did spend the last two days feverishly working on a fic, had it beta'd, etc. for nothing). But it does mean there's time to drop me well wishes, fic, art, or whatever in my stocking, if you feel so inclined! I am kind of impatient for my fics to be revealed lol. Not because I think they're just that good, but because then I can stop thinking about them~

I have had a persistent cough for about a week now. My mother has wondered if perhaps I've got bronchitis again - I hope not. I've got not time to be sick! I'm getting really tired of it, though.

ETA: I also changed my dreamwidth header. It doesn't look as nice as I pictured in my head, but I kept running into problems, so it is what it is now. I spent forever taking screencaps, coloring them, etc. that when  started to have problems resizing the images to fit - and trying to make them roughly the same size - I went GOOD ENOUGH.
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