November 7th, 2016

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Not much is new this week!

I do want to mention how mini_wrimo is really helping me write a little every day. I've seen a goal of 200 words a day and it can be about anything, but I've been trying to do 200 words of fic-writing. Even if I absolutely hate what I've written - and oh boy, have I had days like that - I've made steady progress on my fic, and I only have two more scenes to go (the fic sits at 16k presently). One of which is a sex scene, though I couldn't decide if I should even include one - is it going to disrupt the flow of my story? I guess I'll find out when I send it to beta. (Once I have a beta, anyway. I don't want to assume the people who looked over the first chapter will want to look over the second).

I might create a personal mini-wrimo post on my livejournal and then just comment every day with my word count in the hopes that it'll continue to motivate me to write XD I have so many fic ideas and it would be great to actually get some of them off my list~