February 2nd, 2016

rodney yes fanart

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I finished tarlanx's fandom_stocking gift! It was supposed to be posted in early January, oops, but she's been kind enough to be patient and wait. It's clocking in at about 7k, which is much longer than the comment fic I was going for.

It needs a TON of work, I think. Normally I have very strong feelings about what I'm working on (usually an intense dislike), but for 90% of the fic I didn't feel particularly strong about it either way. I love the plot idea I had, but my execution...then it came time for the sex scene. I can usualy do those okay, as long as I jump right into the sex, and don't talk about how the characters got from Point A to Point Sex, but this time I had to write leading up to it. Plus, a friend of mine wanted to watch Hannibal with me, and I was trying to get the fic done today (I still need to write my romancingmcshep, so I was determined). I was basically writing a sex scene in between episodes, and those episodes are not exactly, uh, mood setting. So I'm pretty sure that needs a lot of work, lol.


Basic premise: John is the Lantean King, based on the strength of Ancestral gene. Rodney is his head scientist, and hopelessly in love with him. Then the Council and John's chosen advisors begin to talk of marriage...

Next up: romancingmcshep!
Third: selenic76's long, long ago promised coffee and cuddles fic.