January 24th, 2016

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SGA fandom on LJ

I was having a discussion in my email and made the comment that most of the fandom now seems to be on tumblr and ao3. I know that people are making a point of posting often here on livejournal, but that doesn't at all mean that it's exclusively McShep focused. I have said many times that I live in fear of my main fandom disappearing out from under me, and given the lack of paiing-specific activity on livejournal - everyone on tumblr plus the relatively small fandom SGA has become - well. I'm getting nervous :P

I set up a tumblr that would automatically post every time a new McShep fic was posted to archive of our own. I think it could be cool to set something up here, as well. I've also thought about fixing it so that whenever my McShep tumblr posts, it copies the post over to an LJ here (maybe the same LJ?). But the problem with that is not all tumblr posts are mine; some of them are reblogged posts, and I don't want to mirror them over here without credit or such. I have no idea how to set that up either, since I tend to queue all McShep posts...

I'll have to look into it.