January 1st, 2016

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Looking back

What a year! My dog got sick, we were nearly homeless, I got a new job (which has more hours, which leaves me less time for fandom). The kickstarter for the Stargate Atlantis season 6 comics was funded, and I have tentative hopes about the quality of the storylines.

I wrote and posted only two stories this year: Anchor Me and Deliver Fee. While I am pleased with them both, my New Years Resolution is to write more. I have so many ideas, and I think it's about time I stop talking about them - and getting new ideas - and start getting them down. I hold myself back with worry about original plotlines, dislike for my own writing, and the overwhelming number of fic ideas I've got scribbled across various places. Who cares? The worst that will happen is that nobody reads my fics. Or call me out on how my plot(s) is predictable, overdone, etc. Writing is supposed to be a hobby, something fun. I needn't take it so seriously.

I'm setting myself a goal of 35,000 words this year. Considering my most recent fics are both under 5k, I think this is something that I will have to work for, but isn't beyond the realm of possibility. If I reach it early enough, I'll revamp my word count goal :P

Happy New Year, everyone. Thank you for making this past year bearable ♥