October 1st, 2015



My parents called the landlord to have them stop by to see if we could take over payments to continue living here. The person we live with got super angry with the landlord when she was informed that she signed papers that made her legally responsible for "any damages to the property", even stuff that was already there before she moved in. So she starts screaming at him, which pisses HIM off, and now they've told us that we have until Monday to pack our stuff and leave the premises, or the cops will be called.

I'm not sure that's legal? Everything I've looked up online says that the landlord needs to give us a proper, written (and signed) notice, then give us 7 days to fix whatever we're doing wrong. If we still don't respond, then they have to take us to court.

Which would take much more than the 3 days we've been given. Still, it's not as though we can afford a lawyer to deal with this nightmare.

SO. I'll be going without the internet sooner than expected. I'll start saving stuff to read tonight.

If you have anything to spare, please consider donating to my paypal. I know many of you just returned from vacation and thus won't have anything to spare, and that's totally okay. Only do this if it's feasible and if you want to.

I'll still have my smart phone, at least? I'll try to keep everyone updated.