September 29th, 2015

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I have been poor my entire life. I mean the kind of poor where we've had to live in shitty living conditions because we can't afford better, the kind of poor where we need family to help us buy groceries. My parents have always done the best they can, and I did have a pleasant childhood. But I've been well aware of the monetary hardships we always face.

It seems like every couple of months, like clockwork, the universe shits on us. And this time, it's that our house is being foreclosed on (again), and we need to come up with $1000 to stay here. If we had a guranteed month, we could probably do it. We'd pay the bills and then spend money on nothing else, I think we could get the money. But we aren't guaranteed a month. Once the landlord is taken to court, we are legally given 10 days to move out. So if the landlord is taken to court next week, we definitely won't have a month to save up.

We're considering not paying the cable/internet bill to put that money toward the $1000. I'll give everyone a heads up if we end up going that route. I can still get online on my phone, but I hate using it (why you so hard to use, phone?!) but at least I won't be completely cut off.

I am very tired. But we always seem to land on our feet, so I'm just going to hope we do this time too :)