May 21st, 2015

boys and superheroes

Writing Woes

This year, I set myself the goal of actually posting fic. So far it's gone well, but I want to keep it up, or at least keep the writing going. Unfortunately, I have so many WIPs and fic ideas that choosing something to settle on is proving difficult. I keep changing my mind, or spending all my writing time trying to pick something. Unfortunately, I'm never leaning toward anything in particular. I want to write and post all my ideas, haha.

I ended up pulling up the Dragon AU at random, and surprisingly I still really like it? Though I'm aware I'm doing a lot of telling and not showing. It's really rare for me to actually like something I've written though, so I'm having a hard time scrapping it all and starting over. So even though I've somwhat chosen something, I'm still not making progress.

Ughhh. I'll have to set aside some time tomorrow and really think about this.