May 12th, 2015


Author Appreciation: Brumeier

brumeier's fics are always so engaging. After first discovering her work, It didn't take long before she became one of my favorite authors. They're well written, feel good fics that always leave me satisfied.

Brumeier on AO3

Embrace the Storm, 23593 words.
A fusion with the movie Twister. I grew up wtaching that movie; I've seen it countless times, and I'm not sure what it is, but I've always loved it. This is a fantastic take on the movie, where the events proceed as they do in the movie, but with McShep twists. The death of Rodney's family due to a tornado send him on the path of studying weather. John, fresh from the Air Force, falls in with Rodney and his storm chasing team, until John abruptly leaves. I ache for Rodney and sympathize with John. Reading as they go from a contentious reunion to a happy ending is so fun and satisfying.

Crossroads, 17546 words. Part 1 of the Pleasure Dome Series.
An AU where Rodney works in the Pleasure Dome, where all are welcome, can have any desire catered long as they have the money. Rodney's work there was meant to be a temporary stop, but years pass and he doesn't move on. Enter John Sheppard, top-level member of the SGC, with his blue skin and yellow eyes. Rodney is absolutely fascinated by him and gets caught up in John's mission. I love the worldbuilding here, and I love Rodney's immediate interest in John. I love every fic in this series.

Save Me, 62141 words.
Rodney inherits a large home from a distant relative. John is the sexy but touch phobic caretaker, and together they deal with the haunted study and the terrifying intruder threatening their lives. I love Rodney's relationship with Laura Cadman in this - she's his assistant and his friend, and he depends on her. I really love his relationship with John. They're friendly, but John and his past is a bit of a mystery. They come to care for one another, worry about each other, and it's sweet. As always, Brumeier's fics are easy to read and super engaging. The perfect fic to settle in for a nice, long read.

Unexpected Discoveries, 15,444 words. Followed by Unexpected Discoveries: Loch Ness.
Ghost & monster hunting! Inspired by the tv show Destination Truth, this is not a Supernatural AU (though Supernatural *is* mentioned in a hilarious way). John joins the cast of a reality tv show as the camera guy, with Rodney as the grumpy tech. I love that everybody brings up Rodney before John has a chance to meet him. Also, the fans absolutely adore John and Rodney interacting, which it just a perfect detail. John and Rodney are hilarious and have great banter.

Pick-Up Lines, 524 words.
You know that sweet video where the man wakes up from surgery, drugged to the gills, and calls his wife (whom he doesn't recognize) "the most beautiful woman in the world"? Yeah.

Two Men Walk into A Bank, 6687 words.
Rodney walks into a robbery and is knocked out of harms way by John. That's really where their trouble begins, however; these people seem to know his and John's name, and they seem to be looking for something very specific. One of my favorite things about McShep is how quickly John and Rodney seem to fall together, whether it be friendship or more, and this fic is great for that. They worry about each other, despite having met just minutes before. The story behind the bad guys is interesting, since this is no ordinary robbery. The ending leaves me feeling happy and satisfied; I could read tons more fic set in this particular 'verse.

Close Encounters, 5753 words.
John is kidnapped by aliens! Kind of :)
John is no longer a member of the military, but he's still what the SGC needs. It's funny and a great quick read!

I've re-read all her fics more than once, and making this rec list had me reading them all again. They're a guaranteed good time, so go, enjoy!

I just realized almost all my recs are AU's. Oops?