May 8th, 2015

j & r

Author Appreciation Claims Post!

I was thinking we'd do this as a rec list, except instead of choosing from a wide variety of authors, you choose one (or more, if you like) author, make a list of their fics that are favorites, and post. There can be as many or as little rec'd fics, though I think you should do at least three. On tumblr, this is being hosted by McShep-Everyday, so we're dong McShep only fics there. I'm willing to be more flexible here :)

Once all days are taken, then we can start doubling up on days, unless people can absolutely only post certain days. I've already put the days in that I signed up for over on tumblr; I can just crosspost, that way. Comment and let me know which day you want and which author you're rec'ing!

Sunday, 05/10: melagan [neevebrody]
Monday, 05/11: innogen [sardonicsmiley]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], mific [seperis], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse], patk [sgamadison]
Thursday, 05/14: brumeier [taste_is_sweet], outsideth3box [melagan]
Friday, 05/15: em_kellesvig [esteefee], goddess47 [velocitygrass]
Saturday, 05/16: em_kellesvig [runpunkrun], melagan [laceymcbain]

Wow, the days filled up much faster here than it did on tumblr. I should have known how dedicated and lovely the people on LJ are :) There's still time to sign up, if anyone see's this.

Thanks guys ♥