April 26th, 2015

peep show

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I know many of you aren't on tumblr, so I wanted to direct your attention to this post, which is just beautiful. I love the scenes chosen, the looks on both of their faces. And ughhhh, that quote, I just can't handle it. So many years after discovering this show, and I am still emotionally invested in these two. I often feel overwhelmed with how intense they make me feel.

Real life is crazy right now. One of the managers is out on maternity leave, and because I have person in charge training they've scheduled me to take over her shifts. I work 2pm-10:30pm Friday-Sunday, and will until the manager comes back. I don't even get manager's pay for it, either. I do like that I don't have to work 10 hour shifts, and when things settle I'll be sad I'll have to start going in at 10am again.  On top of that, this semester of school is ending, so it's the typical semester-end flurry of papers, finals to study for, projects to turn in, etc. I'm constantly tired and mainlining caffeine. I've gotten no writing done in ages, despite wishing otherwise.