September 10th, 2014


Positivity meme 2/5

Three positive things!

  • McShep-Everyday broke 1,000 followers! AHHHH, this is huge for me. I had no idea it would grow so big. I started the tumblr because the ones already made had been abandoned, and I wanted a steady, daily thing of McShep on my dash.

  • I will be doing online training tomorrow at work, so part of my 10 hour day will be spent sitting down. I am grateful it worked out the way it did, since I still have my cold. I'll still have to help out if we get a line of customers, but on the whole I should be on my butt.

  • I got a new phone! It's my first smart phone, so I'm kind of ??? about a lot of it, but I'm pretty excited. Now I can get on the internet during my breaks at work *grins*

The cold is still holding strong, as mentioned. I didn't eat for a large portion of today because my stomach was meh, but I ended up feeling nauseated because of it. Took a shower, ate some toast, and took a nap - and I feel better. I'm hoping when I wake up tomorrow I will feel even better :P I've been drinking a lot of water (mostly to soothe my throat, but also to get the cold out faster). Fingers crossed for improvement!