May 31st, 2014

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Bad Day

So I have a bad day at work, and I come home to my mother yelling at me. See, I was going to make a payment on the debt-thing; only half of what they want a month, but still. But my mother yelled at me for it, saying we need gas for this and for that, we need to buy this, we need money for that. And my first thought was an angry, "Then get off your lazy ass and get your own fucking job. It is not my responsibility to carry this damn family!" And my second was to lock myself in the bathroom and just cry.

I still feel like crying. The anxiety over this entire situation still hasn't abated, and that was the last thing I needed. I'm trying to work up the courage to call a free advocate lawyer and see where I stand, or as sgamadison suggested, call the hospital and see if they've actually handed the debt over to the collection agency (but who do I call in the hospital? Just the general number?) I have social anxiety, I hate talking on the phone, so the anxious feelings are kind of doubling *sighs*

I'm going to talk to my parents about a lawyer I can contact, and on Monday I'll call the hospital. But for now, I am going to try and pretend that this problem doesn't exist.

This feels like such a little thing - my debt isn't even that huge! But I am so not prepared for this shit.