May 30th, 2014

☂ such desire

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Okay, I need your advice, dear friends!

I have done some research and learned that there's a federal law that limits wage garnishes to 25%. That would mean they'd be taking significantly less out of my paycheck than I'd be paying if I went the $372 a month route. But what about court costs? I have no way to fight against this, since I know I have the debt and need to pay it off, so a lawyer isn't needed, right? But there would still be court costs.

On the other hand, even adding court costs, it'll probably be cheaper than paying $372 a month for a year.

Also, I'm kind of worried that if they succeed in getting a judgment on me, it'll somehow fuck me over in some way that I can't foresee, since I don't know enough. I've read they can go after my bank account (which never has anything in it), or take my property (we don't own a house/land - after all, we have to move. But maybe they could take my laptop?), or garnish my wages (which is what I'm hoping for).