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13 April 2014 @ 10:26 pm
I've uploaded David's episode of The Edison Twins (from when he was 16 year old jailbait). You can watch it here. Join me in feeling like a dirty old perv. This is how I picture David whenever I read young!Rodney fic :P

For those who would enjoy a reminder, it's the episode where David looks like this.

I'm doing my best to save up the money for Squee Weekend. I may set aside part of my taxes for it; I haven't begun to look at airplane tickets, though I really should. I need to set myself a goal :P Everyone has been very kind and helpful, especially selenic76, zoemathemata, and squidgiepdx. I really, really hope I can make it - it's been awhile since I've wanted to be somewhere so much. But we'll see - I don't want to promise to definitely be there, because that way leads to disappointment.

I'm trying to get in the habit of writing. I have an old (7/3/13) trope_bingo card in my e-mail that I may use as a means to get writing. Even if it's crap. So far I'm working on the "wingfic" prompt. I really struggle to keep my fics short. I want to write long, plotty stuff, but I am very much not a plot writer, lol. Between my attempts to keep them short and my innate desire to write long fic, my stuff might end abruptly. Or just be abrupt in general, I don't know.

The semester is almost over. I'm dreading it :P Lack of school means I can be scheduled to work any day, and boooo, work.

Also: big thanks to aka_niffer for sending me those Traders DVDs; I've long wanted to watch, and now I own them! Precious, bearded David Hewlett, here I come!