November 13th, 2013

♥ a kiss for luck and we're on our way

Pimping Romance and Happy Endings!

It's a Fest! A McShep Romance Fest!

Looking for that Happy Ending for John and Rodney? Feeling that urge to write that Happy Ever After story for our guys but just need a little incentive? Maybe you've found that perfect piece of McShep art and want to share.

Boy, have we got a Fest for you right here at romancingmcshep

We know the road to love and happy endings can be a rocky one, full of danger and angst. And we know our guys are more target practice and computer code than hearts and flowers. ( That's part of why we love them after all)

No matter how they get there, in the end we want them to be happy together. After five years of fighting Wraith we think they deserve it.

The Fest will run until Valentine's Day with posting dates from Feb lst to the 14th.

Originally posted by melagan

cjoelle has linked me to the porn video of the two men whose body type is similar to John and Rodney's. And I found a place to watch it without needing the pin number.