August 30th, 2013

♪ catch me if ever I fall

Team fic!

sga_saturday posted:

Create a rec posting in your journal of 1-3 SGA works, stories, happenings, squees, whatever with the theme of TEAM...

I love participating! But it still features the team? So it totally counts!

1. Safekeeping, gen. The team is forced into slavery during a mission and Rodney accidentally ingests some citrus. I love when the team takes care of Rodney, and I love when they work together to get free. Though much of the focus is on Rodney and the fic is told from John's POV, the entire team is very present in the fic.

2. Board Wars, gen. This is a hilarious, crack fic as Team Sheppard play through games of all kinds - cards, board games, dice games, etc. and are banned from playing those games after causing much trouble. A feel good team fic!

3. That Keeps on Giving, McShep. Rodney makes specialized gifts for each team member. I think this is a very Rodney thing to do. For all his love of words, Rodney's not really that comfortable with emotions either (especially those of the affectionate/attraction sort). I could see him making gifts for his team, not just to make their lives better, but to show how much he cares.