August 2nd, 2013

☂ chevron one encoded

Power is back!

Our power has been turned back on :D I'd like to thank everyone who left a kind comment, with special thanks to sgamadison for being the wonderful person she is. We just barely managed to scrap together the money. Of course, we get the power back on and then I begin to have problems with my laptop; isn't that the way of things, though? It'll all work out.

mcshep_match has begun posting, so be sure to check that out and leave a comment for the artist/authors! This is the last one, folks. Lets make sure everyone is fully appreciated. (Self, do not dwell on how it's the last one.) Also, thanks to everyone who voted for John/Rodney in the Slash Madness - though we didn't make it past the first elimination, we had several thousand votes by the time it was over, which I think is quite admirable for a fandom as small as this one has gotten. Good job, everyone!