July 22nd, 2013

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Hey, guys! I haven't been online since Thursday night. A huge storm moved through - later considered a possible tornado - and there are widespread power outages. A tree branch fell on a power line in our front yard, knocking our power out. Because there's so much damage, the city hasn't gotten around to fixing out power yet. My uncle - who has power, and I'm at his house now - is letting us borrow his generator, so we'll have power. I don't know if we'll hook our internet up to it - or even if our internet provider has power - but we'll see.

Power isn't expected to be restored until Wednesday or later. I'm going to see if a nearby library has power - and wifi - but there's no guarantee. So if you don't hear from me for a few days, that's why!

UPDATE. It seems that the city can't work on what's wrong with our house - they're not allowed to touch it. So we have to call and electrician and pay $800 (that was a price quote we got) to get the power back. We are poor, so we don't have $800. I have no idea what's going to happen. We turned our generator on at 5pm, and at 9pm the gas had already drained to halfway. This is NOT good, since we have that $800 and can't afford to buy gas every other day, not with it being at $4 a gallon.
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Slash Madness is upon us, it seems :D It's a competition where fans vote between matched slash pairings (last year McShep went up against Jack/Daniel, for example, and won. Unfortunately they didn't win, but they lasted surprisingly long). The one who beats all the other pairings is the winner :)

Unfortunately this year there were so many slash pairings suggested, they need to bring it down to 32. So there's a poll to weed out some of the ships:

>> You can vote for up to 5 slash ships, so please make sure to leave one for McShep! Voting in this special seed round closes 11:59pm Eastern on Wednesday. You can vote once per hour (from each of your mobile devices *wink*)